Mangonui Makeover on Melody

Mangonui Makeover on Melody

Mangonui Makeover on Melody

14 Melody Lane Mangonui Northland 0420 NZ

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Floor Area
150 sqm
Land Area
1291 sqm


Do you need a project? Not afraid of a challenge? 150sqm house sitting on a 1291sqm section. 4 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms, large living area. Huge potential to turn this property into a beautiful home with a self contained downstairs. Indoor/outdoor flow onto existing decks that currently require attention. Plenty of room here for a garage and OSP. Situated just a short, pleasant walk to Mangonui’s beautiful historic village. Close to schools, shops, restaurants, Mangonui Harbour and the golden sands of Coopers Beach and Cable Bay. Fantastic fishing, boating, swimming, diving. Make that lifestyle change today to our perfect paradise.
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14 Melody Lane Mangonui Northland 0420 Far North

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